Group Breathwork Sessions

I run two different types of group sessions, Connected Groups made up of 5-8 friends or family members and Open Groups which are open to anyone to join.

Group Breathwork

I’m running group sessions on:

28 January 19:30 (Thursday) – Join me on the eve of the Full Wolf Moon to release anything that is dulling your shine.

14 February 10:00 (Sunday) – Be your own Valentine! Join me to release self doubt, self criticism, feelings of unworthiness and lack – and connect with love for yourself.

Booking closes 24 hours before each session.

  • Open to anyone to book – Join a welcoming group of like-minded people to breathe and heal together
  •  Takes place on Zoom
  • 75 minute session
  • £15 per person
  • To view availability and to book click here
  • Gift vouchers available here.

Connected Groups

  • An intimate gathering of 5-8 friends or family members who come together once a week to breathe and heal 
  • Take place on zoom
  • Invite only
  • £25 per person for a session
  • 75 minute session
  • To book email me at
  • Gift vouchers available here for new clients and here for returning clients.

Email me if you have any questions at