breathe out

Coaching & Breathwork with Jess Harrod

If you want to dive in and try breathwork join my next group breathwork session or read more...

Why do people do breathwork?

I teach breathwork in many forms. From active meditation for big energy shifts to daily breath practices which improve your health and wellbeing. Reconnecting wth your breath can help you change your relationship with yourself and so change your life. As you breathe you’ll be able to let go of your mind and connect with your body, your emotions, your soul and spirit.

Breathe with me and you will have an opportunity to release energy held in your body and open up space to let in more joy, beauty and self love.

How can breathwork make me feel?

  • Relaxed – most people feel incredibly relaxed after they breathe
  • Connected to your self – turn your mind off and connect to your body and your soul
  • Lighter – we release negative energy when we breathe 
  • Spiritually connected – release your mind and allow space for the divine
  • Physically alive – we release endorphins when we breathe so the body can feel really good
  • In love with yourself – connect with everything beautiful in you

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