breathe out

Coaching & Breathwork with Jess Harrod

Join my Come Back to You Group Course and you’ll give yourself the ultimate gift of time, space and support to get real with yourself about living the life you want to live. What would living your dream life mean for you and those close to you?

I’ll work with you weekly in 121 sessions to release fear, confront blocks and let go of anything getting in your way. We’ll also come together weekly in group sessions which will bring empathetic support and a time to share your experience with others looking for the same thing as you.

What’s included?

Over 6 weeks from 1 November – 9 December you will get a weekly 121 session with me (a total of 9 hours) to break through anything holding you back from realising your dream life. We will also come together every week for support and to share our experiences for a group breathwork session.


  • My Daily Breathe Online Workshops worth £80
  • Daily contact via our WhatsApp group
  • 20% discount on first month of membership
  • Group check in / follow up in January ’22