Where did the fun go from Christmas?

Do you find yourself feeling stressed out or anxious in the final months of the year? While my children are buzzing with cheery excitement and anticipation as they count down to Christmas, I feel an impending sense of dread. And beyond dread…I feel the fatigue deep in my bones. 

For me, this time of year always feels like a bit of a scramble with work to be completed, presents and arrangements for the holidays and the tiredness that I feel especially in the darker months. I long for a bit of quiet time to reflect, rest and take stock before starting a new year. 

For all of us, this year has also been one of massive change, unpredictability, worry and loss. Lockdowns, homeschooling and remote work have stretched us beyond our limits. While some of us have lost our work, others are working double shifts. 

We are being called upon to comfort and nurture, despite having very little of our own comfort and nurturing. Beyond the usual worry about our kids, our relationships, ourselves, our finances, we are dealing with constant uncertainty and anxiety about the pandemic, our own future and that of others.  

You know the saying: you can’t pour from an empty cup…In these times of uncertainty and change it is especially important to make time to recharge our own battery and find an outlet for our emotions. 

Exercising your creativity can give you that outlet. It’s a great way to boost your happiness levels and celebrate your life. 

Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, consider this: taking 5 minutes a day to doodle, draw or paint is an inexpensive and lockdown proof way to shift your energy and help you get through even the most stressful day.  

Gift yourself just a few minutes of playful experimentation without getting so hung up on the result. When you create, you clear your head of the endless stream of thoughts and worries. From experience I can tell you it will help you feel calmer, happier and more able to navigate life’s ups and downs. 

Studies have shown that simple drawing exercises activate the pleasure centre of our brain, reduce stress levels and can get us into a flow state of relaxed concentration. As a creative coach I help people connect to their emotions, beliefs or sensation in their body through drawing. Instead of relying on words, you let lines, shapes and colors translate your emotional experience into something visual. 

You can also use a creative experience as a metaphor for areas in your life. What can drawing teach you about letting go of control? About the space you take up? About where you are spending your energy? About what playful fun feels and looks like?  

Combining drawing with breath awareness is an even more effective way of shifting your energy. That’s why I have collaborated with Jess to design an online course with a unique combination of breathwork and playful exercises to shift your energy and step into your power and potential. These practices will help you start celebrating the life you have and creating the life you really want. 

We are very excited to be sharing our unique combination of breathwork and creative play in a free 45 minute taster workshop on 2 December, 20:30 CET/ 19:30GMT. Join us and we’ll share some of our favourite powerful practices for shifting from overwhelm to calm and for connecting to your power.


Carmen da Silva Wells is a creative coach and trainer and a mother of two.

Carmen guides professionals to realise their true potential, live in joy and purpose through applying their imagination, intuition and creative mindset.