breathe out

Coaching & Breathwork with Jess Harrod

One to One Breathwork & Coaching Sessions

If you want to work through things in a one to one setting or if you want to work on your relationship with your partner these session are for you.

One to One Deep release Breathwork Session

  • A longer session combining coaching & breathwork to allow more time to focus on you and with more space to process anything that comes up
  •  Takes place on Zoom
  • 90 minute session
  • £120 per session for one person only

One to One Express Breathwork Sessions

  • An opportunity to work through specific, personal issues in a safe space just for you using Transformational Breathwork
  • Take place on zoom
  • 60 minute session
  • £80 per session for one person only

Bespoke coaching & breathwork packages

If you want to work with me on an ongoing one to one basis I offer coaching and breathwork packages based on your individual needs. For example 3 1.5 hour sessions over 3 weeks for £349 or 6 1.5 hour sessions over 6 weeks for £699. If you want to find out more book in for a chat with me so we can discuss your needs.

Email me if you have any questions at [email protected]